All Audio Magic products must survive the most important test of all before being accepted into the family: The Sound Test. Each product must demonstrate certain qualities, the most important of which is neutrality. We design all of our cables and power conditioners to exhibit extreme detail, dynamics and deep, wide soundstaging. They must also be very quiet to preserve all the micro dynamics and micro detail that most cables and conditioners miss. In order to reach this goal, we needed an extremely revealing system: The PA-5.1 Super System.

The Super System (pictured below) incorporates 19 different amplifiers, 2 electronic crossovers (one 4-way tube and one 2-way battery powered solid state) along with 2 passive crossovers. All cables tested are put through each frequency range to insure that we don't miss a thing -- and then we put them through the entire system so that they can demonstrate their cohesive nature ... by making music.

In order to be America's #1 rated cables and power conditioners, we have gone to great lengths to assure you, the customer, get the best product available for your money!

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